Increase revenue with focused data

LoneScale provides you data that your team needs to close more deals. We reduce time consuming tasks like finding and enriching leads.

Broaden your perspectives by finding new deals according to your goals


Define markets and discover buyers

Thanks to powerful filters added to accurate and fresh data, you can find all the information needed by a Sales team to make a personalized approach. Identify your next customer using data-driven insights.


Kickstart your actions with lists

You can make lists of folks or companies, for example, lists with your next targets, customers or competitors. You can also if there are in the lists of your teammates.


Synchronize the data you need

Thanks to native integrations, you can synchronize these lists in your CRM or export them to your mailing software. Put them on autopilot with auto-sync triggered by data update.

Find your new customers diving into

+5 millions
+100 millions

thanks to intuitive searchs, for example:

Find all the companies in the US using Salesforce and Gsuite
Filters: Job title + Location + Tools
Look for all folks as CTO in Software using node.js
Filters: Job title + technologies + industry
Alert me of the companies having more than 10 job offers in Finance
Filters: Job offers + Job offers type
Create and synchronize a list

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Ready to grow your pipeline?

LoneScale offers you the best way to source your buyers

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