Customer Story

Welcome To The Jungle

How LoneScale's Signal-Based Outbound Elevates Welcome to the Jungle's Pipeline

🌳 Welcome to the Jungle helps their clients find talent that best fits them by showcasing their culture and mission through engaging media. Job seekers have curated job opportunities so they can find more sustainable career paths and access to an inside look at the company they are prospecting.

👥 Employees: 501-1000

💡 Website:

🤝🏼 Notable Clients: Amazon, Sephora, AB InBev and J&J


WTTJ noticed that upcoming projects about their value proposition such as “increase employer brand” were mentioned in job postings of their target market. The go-to-market team started to capture these buying signals manually.

The manual approach resulted in hours spent by reps gathering and filtering the information. The sales team was convinced by the approach and showed it won deals but started to lose trust spending too much time to activate these intents manually.

For Maxime, Welcome to the Jungle were missing opportunities with companies that could benefit from their services. Without incorporating specific pain points and priorities of potential clients, their outreach efforts didn’t always engage the right audience as effectively as they could but the time to collect the job postings, finding the accurate upcoming project and then activating the lead took too much time. This manual work made it harder for them to convey their value proposition effectively, and led to some missed opportunities.

Maxime highlighted a missed opportunity for Welcome to the Jungle to connect with companies that could benefit from their services. They noticed that upcoming projects about their value proposition such as “increase employer brand” were mentioned in job postings of their target market. However, they quickly concluded the process of collecting job postings, identifying upcoming projects accurately, and then activating leads took hours of gathering and filtering the information and was far too time-consuming.

For Maxime, it became obvious that Welcome to the Jungle needed a tool like LoneScale as,

  • Manually capturing intents was unscalable
  • Outreach time was too high
  • More than 70% of opportunities were missed


Job Posting insights allowed them to address their challenge head-on. LoneScale facilitated the seamless identification of key target accounts and real-time access to crucial insights into prospect pain points and priorities. With this information at their disposal, WTTJ was able to refine their messages to suit each recipient, increasing their positive response rates. This strategic approach enabled WTTJ to set the stage for sustainable success in engaging prospects effectively.

After implementation of LoneScale WTTJ saw,

  • 10X ROI
  • Deal velocity sped up by more than 3x
  • GTM and sales team saved 2 hours a week per rep

Unexpected Benefit:

It’s the classic, “..but wait there’s more”, Maxime and Goze expected to have a better process for prioritizing accounts and improved messaging, but they found LoneScale also enabled them to identify new key accounts within their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Every job signal they received from an unknown account expanded their prospecting pool uncovering fresh leads. This enabled them to engage with untapped segments of their target market, to increase opportunities for growth and revenue generation.

Business Impact:

Reaching a 30x ROI with LoneScale has been an incredible milestone for us at WTTJ. It's a clear indication of the significant impact LoneScale has had on our business outcomes. LoneScale quickly pays for itself, ensuring that we see substantial financial gains shortly after implementation. It's a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of LoneScale driving real results and benefiting our operations at WTTJ.

Aside from being a consistent pipeline engine, LoneScale has established a dependable system that WTTJ can rely on. It seamlessly integrates with our HubSpot platform, ensuring that new leads are automatically directed to us. With LoneScale's solution in place, I have peace of mind knowing that operations will run smoothly even when I'm on holiday. This means our sales team consistently receives quality leads, allowing them to focus on maximizing conversions and driving growth.