LoneScale for Marketing

Drive sales-ready leads and growth a solid pipeline

Grow the pipeline with warm leads with high likelihood of buying your products and services

Trigger intents to increase conversions and revenue contribution


Cut through the noise to hit your pipeline target

Get hundreds of warm leads directly in your CRM every month thanks to 20% of people changing jobs every year. LoneScale also flags out outdated contacts and created new records with their new info.


Deliver more Sales-ready leads to your team

Align Marketing and Sales around your ABM Strategy fueling the pipeline with ICP leads with high likelihood of buying. Optimize outreach and nurturing results using trigger events such as previous customers' jobs movement or customers' pains you solve.


Integrate with your CRMs and processes

Simply integrate LoneScale into your CRM and never worry about it.
Create, import, and modify your lists and triggers easily to handle your process the same way as you did before, only more successfully.

Leverage your customer data to increase efficacy

conversion rate
time spend on sourcing and qualification

thanks to intent data, for example:

Auto-update every job change in Salesforce
Fuel Hubspot campaign #1 when a customer changes job
Get daily intent whose HR team uses Excel for expense management

Top teams have adopted LoneScale

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Ready to grow your pipeline?

LoneScale offers you the best way to source your buyers

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