Drive sales-ready leads to deliver
qualified pipeline

Grow the pipeline with warm leads with a high likelihood of buying your products and services

Trigger intents to increase conversions and revenue contribution


Cut though the noise and hit your targets

Get hundreds of warm leads directly in your CRM every month thanks to 27% of people changing jobs every year. LoneScale also flags out outdated contacts and created new records with their new info.


Score to deliver more Sales-ready leads

Align Marketing and Sales around your ABM Strategy fueling the pipeline with ICP leads with a high likelihood of buying. Use trigger events to implement data-driven marketing and fuel scoring engines such as previous customers' jobs movement or customers' pains.


Integrate with your CRMs and processes

Simply integrate LoneScale into your CRM and never worry about it.
Create, import, and modify your lists and triggers easily to handle your process the same way as you did before, only more successfully.

Leverage your marketing data to increase efficacy

sales-ready leads
time spend on data

thanks to intent data driven marketing, for example:

Auto-update every job change in Salesforce
Fuel Hubspot campaign #1 when a customer changes job
Get daily intent whose HR team uses Excel for expense management

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Help your teams hit their revenue numbers with secured and compliant data

LoneScale offers you the best way to source your buyers


How to instant and monthly boost qualified pipeline?
25% of people have a job change every year. This means you have thousands of former customers, and users at new companies, ready to buy again.
Why capture sales intent work for a data driven marketing strategy?
Many ABM and intent programs fail because the sales team doesn't have the full picture in the pipeline. Sales reps already track manually job changes for the customers, users, and prospects. They have the playbooks to win with these buying intent fueled by data driven marketing processes.
How LoneScale help to keep the database marketable & compliant?
LoneScale updates your data every day – flagging old contacts, updating existing ones, and creating new ones. Using public data helps you achieve and maintain GDPR compliance. Our technology protects your data driven marketing strategy, your email deliverability and saves your team's time from going after the wrong prospects.
How to improve CRM data quality?
Improving CRM data quality requires a data management process.
First, streamline marketing data collection and ensure consistency. Establish data driven marketing guidelines to maintain uniformity. Use sources providing the same field to easily reconcile and clean the data, update missing information, and correct inaccuracies. Incorporate intent data to enhance customer profiles and improve targeting accuracy. Consistently monitor, analyze, and refine your CRM data processes to cultivate a culture of data quality.
What contact information LoneScale provide?
LoneScale provides contact's full name, current position, current position starting date, company name, LinkedIn links and location.
Does LoneScale integrate with Salesforce?
LoneScale integrates with Salesforce. Native (contact, prospect, account, task, deal, etc) and customs objects are both available. Data flows follow your data driven marketing guidelines and requirements.
Does LoneScale integrate with HubSpot?
LoneScale has a native integration with HubSpot. Native (contact, lead, account, task, deal, etc) and customs objects are both available.
How to reach leads more effectively?
To reach leads more effectively, follow these steps:
1. Define your target audience by analyzing demographics, firmographics, and technographics.
2. Utilize intent data to target leads more likely to buy.
3. Engage customers through multiple channels, including email, social networks, social media, and content marketing.
4. Personalize your messaging and offers based with intent data.
5. Track and analyze campaign performance to continuously refine your strategies.
6. Test and adapt your approach to stay aligned with evolving customer needs and market trends.
How to increase data-driven marketing efficiency?
To increase data-driven marketing efficiency, define key performance indicators (KPIs). Collect relevant, high-quality data and leverage analytics tools to identify trends and patterns. Segment your audience for targeted campaigns, personalize content, and continuously test, measure, and optimize your strategies based on data insights.
Why intent data-driven marketing should be part of your marketing strategy?
Incorporating intent data-driven marketing into your marketing strategy is essential as it:
1. Empowers you to make well-informed decisions based on data rather than theoretical assumptions
2. Facilitates highly targeted customer engagement, leading to improved conversion rates
3. Enables marketers to accurately identify their audience, capture their interest, and deliver desired content at the optimal momentIn conclusion, data-driven marketing offers businesses valuable insights into consumer purchasing behaviors, including what, when, where, and why they buy, as well as the journey from their initial brand interaction to the final transaction.
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