LoneScale for Revenue & Ops

Empower your teams to get ahead of competition

Improve forecasts and boost conversion using real-time intent data to create processes that
turn opportunities into revenue.

Transform the Revenue Engine and use insights to fast-track the pipeline


Get the critical information your GTM strategy is missing

Build bigger pipeline and close more deals by helping your team to focus on highly qualified leads.


Fast-track your best leads

Enable your teams to identify the most likely buyers and focus on companies in a position to make a deal. Cut through the noise and cut the costs of lost pursuit.


Bring internet data into your CRM

Forget stale data upstream and copy/paste. Enrich your database by automatically updating real-time contacts and accounts information.

Leverage your customer data to increase efficacy

meeting booked rate
time saved by sales and marketing teams

thanks to sales trigger events, for example:

Retrieve LinkedIn URLs and domain names for accounts in Hubspot
Update Salesforce contacts when a customer change job
Fuel the pipeline with accounts whose HR team uses Excel for expense management

Top teams have adopted LoneScale

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Help your teams hit their revenue numbers with secured and compliant data

LoneScale offers you the best way to source your buyers


How prioritize pipeline with intent revops data?
To prioritize pipeline with data not feelings, revenue team needs to fuel ready-to-use intent data into the CRM. LoneScale helps revops to detect and use intent to win deals.
How track job changes impact revops?
Tracking customers, users, and prospects' job changes unlock revops data. Revenue team prioritizes the pipeline with intent and helps sales and marketing teams increase revenue.
How to adapt to my process?
LoneScale team closely partners with you to make sure that the system works seamlessly with your existing automation and workflows. We help you transform LinkedIn and job postings data into revops data to fuel your CRM.
How fresh are LoneScale revops data?
Revops data are as fresh as icecream. Coming real-time from internet (LinkedIn, Jobboards, search engine, etc) to your pipeline.
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