LoneScale for Management & Ops team

Optimize your CRM with the right data

Your CRM is your data source of truth.
Update, enrich, deduplicate and clean the data your company relies on.

Enable your teams to hit up the right people in your target accounts, at the right time. By automatically surfacing missing relevant contacts.


Fill in the blanks for always up-to-date records

Use 80+ datapoints to get real-time high-value contact and account data such as buying intents, job adverts, position change, tools or technologies used in your CRM. LoneScale automatically refreshes all of your records following your timeline.


Empower your sales and marketing teams

Instantly enrich new records to effectively score, segment, route, and prioritize your highest value leads. Close revenue more effectively and increase your turnover.


Fast-track your best leads

Get qualified leads to sales faster. LoneScale leverages data to find companies most likely to buy your product. Get real-time, flexible data to build systems, processes, and workflows to close revenue more effectively.

Leverage your customer data to increase efficacy

sales opportunities
time saved by sales and marketing teams

thanks to intelligent data, for example:

Enrich Salesforce's accounts with buying intents, tools and tech stack
Tools + Technologies
Update all contacts in Hubspot then enrich every account
Deduplicate + Enrich contacts & accounts
Alert sales team if a company
use Notion.so
Alert + Tools

Top teams have adopted LoneScale


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