Unlock pipeline strategies to drive team success

Prioritize the best accounts and unique selling points for your GTM to stay ahead of the competition.
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past buyers are 5x more likely to convert into closed-won


of people change their jobs
every year


of the opportunity is untouched using tools like SalesNav

Enable sales and marketing to outpace the competition

Focus your teams to target the right account, at the right time, with the right people and selling points by automatically prioritizing accounts and identifying missing relevant contacts.

Be the first to know: Past relationship + New jobs = Warm Deals

Capture job changes at scale in your CRM and auto-enroll leads in relevant sequences and ADS audiences.

Detect current prospect projects and product integrations to align the right offers with the right accounts

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Track Job Change

Bring LinkedIn data (+ job postings) in Salesforce, Hubspot

Forget stale data and outdated contacts. Enrich your database by automatically updating your accounts, contacts and their information every day.

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Go live in 1Β week


Identify + score accounts
+ add missing relevant contacts


Flag all departed contacts in your CRM & enrich fresh ICP contacts


Push LoneScale data to the tools your team uses daily

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Want to get more pipeline by next week?


How prioritize pipeline with intent revops data?
To prioritize pipeline with data not feelings, revenue team needs to fuel ready-to-use intent data into the CRM. LoneScale helps revops to detect and use intent to win deals.
How track job changes impact revops?
Tracking customers, users, and prospects' job changes unlock revops data. Revenue team prioritizes the pipeline with intent and helps sales and marketing teams increase revenue.
How to adapt to my process?
LoneScale team closely partners with you to make sure that the system works seamlessly with your existing automation and workflows. We help you transform LinkedIn and job postings data into revops data to fuel your CRM.
How fresh are LoneScale revops data?
Revops data are as fresh as icecream. Coming real-time from internet (LinkedIn, Jobboards, search engine, etc) to your pipeline.
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