LoneScale for Customer Success

Prevent churns and detect customers expansion triggers

Identify key stakeholders leaving current clients and trigger events to upsell

Trigger intents to increase revenue contribution and automated insights


Prevent churn when your contacts have job changes

LoneScale monitors contacts' [customers', users', economics' buyers] job changes every day. 
Get an alert in CRM when people change their jobs.


Identify mature account to upsell

Get an alert when customer expansion opportunities are detected. Detect timing and likelihood to upsell to increase expansion win rates.


Integrate with your CRMs and processes

Integrate LoneScale into your CRM and never worry about manual data entry.
Create and modify your triggers easily to handle your process the same way as you did before, only more successfully without missing opportunities.

Leverage customers data to increase performance

churn rate
expansion and upsell opportunities

thanks to insights, for example:

Auto-update every job change in Salesforce
Fuel Hubspot when a customer changes job
Get daily expansion intent for every clients

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