Turn job changes
into revenue

Unlock a new pipeline source by engaging with the 25% of past customers, users and prospects who change jobs every year.
Generating Pipeline with lonescale Job change

1/3 of your pipeline

Previous customers convert 3X higher.
Lonescale tracks your key contacts as they change jobs daily on auto-pilot, helping you find your next customers.

Instant pipeline boost
Due to historical company changes, you'll receive thousands of job-change leads in your first month.

8-figures pipeline at least
Get hundreds of qualified leads in your CRM - every week - when key contacts change their jobs.

Quality and quantity
Higher conversion rates with +25% of people changing jobs every year

Track job changes
new hire
salesforce job changes

Native in Salesforce and HubSpot

Easy to install
Easy to configure. Built on standard salesforce and hubspot objects.
Integrates with your existing processes and tech stack.

Capture every contact
Calendar sync and Lonescale's algorithms ensure that your entire buying committee, from product users to closed-won opportunities, is accurately logged in your CRM.

Fresh data on auto-pilot
LoneScale's algorithm ensures fresh data on auto-pilot, gathering information in real-time at scale. Contact, and account data are reviewed and refreshed daily.

Request a Data Test

Score then engage across the deal cycle

Focus on high-intent accounts with former customers

Signal based outbound
Act instantly with Lonescale alerts that surface the moment a job change is detected—no delays with batch processing

Source the entire buying committee within an account to expand your reach

Prevent churn
Prevent churn by tracking key contact departures with notifications

Sign up to track job changes
Image of the tracking inside Lonescale
measure job change impacts

Measure results

Drive adoption and measure the impact of job change tracking on your revenue and pipeline with prebuilt reports:

- BDR activation
- Lead volume
- Indirect and direct pipeline creation
- Closed-won revenue

Size the opportunity

Want to get more pipeline by next week?


How tracking job changes impact pipeline?
Track clients, users, and prospects' job changes unlock leads 3x likely to buy your products. Unlock hundred of leads and sell again to past customers.
Who should we track for job changes?
We recommend tracking:
1. Contacts within Customer accounts
2. Product users - active and deactived
3. Contacts from Closed Lost Opportunities
4. Contacts from Open opportunities
5. Contacts from Churned Accounts
6. Prospects & tracking job leads
How many leads to expect?
20%+ to 31%+ of your contacts already changed their jobs. In the first month with LoneScae, you see an immediate boost in pipeline.

Depending on industry, it will then be 2%-5% every month.

You will also segment and route these tracking job leads change to prioritize those that fit within your ICP and persona.
Is tracking job leads changes useful?
You spent money (outbound, ads, sales time, etc) to acquire leads as new customers. They know your company, your brand. When your leads have a job changes, they are more likely to buy your product than others.
Your CAC will be less expansive and their new company more receptive.
It's not a top priority tracking job leads changes but generate warmer leads.
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