Previous users are 3x more likely to
become future customers

Unlock a new pipeline channel and accelerate deals following previous customers to their new companies

23% of people change jobs every year but companies miss 82% of these deals


Track contacts and boost pipeline with hundreds of warm leads from day one

Get new leads directly in your Sales Pipeline every day when your clients change their jobs.
LoneScale also flags out outdated contacts and creates new records with their info.


Increasing reps selling time

Get the full context you need in your existing tech stack and workflow for a personalized outreach - LinkedIn profile, title, new company, location, etc.

job changes routing

Score and route contacts

Define your criteria to automate lead routing. LoneScale will fuel leads to appropriate teams and outreach sequences. Target account status, past relationships, buyer or user persona, seniority, tenure duration.

Automate warm pipeline generation

sales opportunities
more likely to buy leads

thanks to contact monitoring, for example:

Update everyday contacts job changes in Salesforce
Sync Hubspot when a prospect joins a target account
Fuel Outreach campaign #1 when a customer changes job

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Ready to hit numbers?

LoneScale offers you the best way to create and close deals


How track job changes impact pipeline?
Track clients, users, and prospects' job changes unlock leads 3x likely to buy your products. Unlock hundred of leads and sell again to past customers.
Who should we track for job changes?
We recommend tracking:
1. Contacts within Customer accounts
2. Product users - active and deactived
3. Contacts from Closed Lost Opportunities
4. Contacts from Open opportunities
5. Contacts from Churned Accounts
6. Prospects & tracking job leads
How many leads to expect?
20%+ to 31%+ of your contacts already changed their jobs. In the first month with LoneScae, you see an immediate boost in pipeline.

Depending on industry, it will then be 2%-5% every month.

You will also segment and route these tracking job leads change to prioritize those that fit within your ICP and persona.
Is tracking job leads changes useful?
You spent money (outbound, ads, sales time, etc) to acquire leads as new customers. They know your company, your brand. When your leads have a job changes, they are more likely to buy your product than others.
Your CAC will be less expansive and their new company more receptive.
It's not a top priority tracking job leads changes but generate warmer leads.
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