Don’t lose sight of the contacts you want to stay in touch with

Keep in touch with your CRM sweethearts

LoneScale allows you to keep track of your contacts evolution and address them in the best way.

Be the first one to know and the first one to use newly discovered data.
Get access to web-connected data and never be late on the latest updates.


Stay alert of position changes

Find prospects who know your value and had a great experience with your product in the past.
LoneScale automatically refreshes all of your records following your timeline and tracks customers moving to a new company or position.


Take advantage of the best data to reach the most likely to buy leads

Real-time enrichment gives you the context needed on every lead, contact, and account to convert your best opportunities.
Focus on the leads that are showing signs of buying intents, spare time, and be more efficient in closing deals.


Stop the growth of stale data upstream

Be confident in your information's accuracy and in your contact's data validity.
LoneScale assures your records relevancy for you, with brand new information. You’ll never have to think about deliverability or reaching out to the right person thanks to up-to-date data.

All the context you need to increase turnover

sales opportunities
lead activation efficiency

thanks to buying intents, for example:

Auto-update every position change on contacts in Salesforce
Enrich contacts & accounts + Update
Enrich Hubspot's accounts with buying intents, tools and tech stack
Enrichment + Tools
Alert me if a customer change of company
Contact + Account

Top teams have adopted LoneScale


LoneScale offers you the best way
to reach your customers

Get a personal onboarding and access the best data !

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