Update and enrich your data with sales trigger events

Get rich thanks to Accounts enrichment

Access the most precious information for your accounts. Get to know your contacts.

Use LoneScale to boost your team's efficiency and convert 25% of your leads database into customers.


Integrate LoneScale to your tools and connect your records to the web

Update, correct and complete your records. Retrieve your missing data and stop wasting time on manual data entry. LoneScale seamlessly integrates with your tools to deliver the data you need where you need it.


Get a head start and know your targets before you contact them

Equip your teams with real-time enrichment powering your database. Segment your audience knowing which tools they are using, and in which industries they belong.


Find the golden nuggets in your Accounts

Thanks to job listing counts and details, discover the pain your leads need to solve.
Job adverts are signs of growth, new processes, and pains that companies needs to solve.

Leverage your B2B data

New opportunities
False data

thanks to our workflows, for example:

Enrich Salesforce's accounts with buying intents, tools and tech stack
Update all contacts in Hubspot every month
Tag in your CRM contacts whose job changed

Top teams have adopted LoneScale


Ready to grow your pipeline?

LoneScale offers you the best way to source your buyers

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