New Execs spend 70% of budget within 3 months

Director, VP, and CxO are 3X more likely to buy new tools and services within their first 3 months in a new role.
Generating Pipeline with lonescale Job change

#1 source of pipeline

Lonescale captures key new executives joining your target accounts daily on auto-pilot, helping you find your next customers.

8-figures pipeline
Get hundreds of qualified leads in your CRM - every month - when key personas join target accounts.

Secure open opportunities
Alert your sales team whenever a new champion or financial decision-maker joins accounts with open opportunities.

Unify sales and marketing
Boost meetings booked by retargeting ads to low CAC audiences of new joiners in target accounts.

Capture New Hires
new hire
Job Change on Salesforce

Native in Salesforce & HubSpot

Easy to install
Easy to configure. Land meetings within the first week of go-live get ahead of the competition.

Capture every contact
Lonescale automates the capture of the buying committee along with other key personas in your target accounts to multi-thread.

Fresh data on auto-pilot
LoneScale's algorithm ensures fresh data on auto-pilot, gathering information in real-time at scale.
Contact, signals and account data are reviewed and refreshed daily.

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Automate the deal cycle

Prioritize high-intent accounts
Focus on high-intent accounts with new executive hires currently making decisions.

Signal-based outbound
Act instantly with Lonescale alerts that surface the moment a new joiner is detected—no delays with batch processing.

Source the entire buying committee within an account to expand your reach.

Prevent churn
Prevent churn by tracking new champions and financial decision-makers.

Sign up to detect new executives
Score across the Deal cycle

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How capture new hires impact pipeline?
New executives are 2.5 times more likely to make purchases within their first three months, and new hire buyers spend 70% of their budget in the first 100 days. Unlock hundreds of leads by engaging new hires with sales outbound and marketing ads retargeting.
Who should we track for new hires?
We recommend tracking:
1. New executives joining tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 accounts
2. Key contributors joining tier 1 and tier 2 accounts
3. New buyers joining open opportunities
How many leads to expect?
From 23% to 41% of your contacts change job every year. In the first month with LoneScale, you see an immediate boost in pipeline.

Depending on industry, it can go up to 1/4 of your pipeline.

You will also segment and route these new executive hires to prioritize those that fit within your ICP and persona.
Is tracking new hires and promotions useful?
You've invested in outbound marketing, ads, and sales efforts to convert leads into customers. Consider this: when you started your current job, did you bring tools and knowledge from your past experiences? Similarly, when your leads change jobs, they are more likely to purchase products they previously used, making them prime candidates for re-engagement. This not only potentially reduces your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) but also means their new company might be more open to your offerings.
It's a top priority to track new hires leads to close more deals.
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