Unlock hidden pipeline and close deals now

Boost pipeline by monitoring job change signals.
Automate your outbound funnel to target active buyers and convert 3x more discussions into opportunities.

Find hidden pipeline with Lonescale

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Have you heard?


Past buyers are 5x more likely to convert into closed-won


of previous customers don't come back on their own


of the opportunity is untouched using tools like SalesNav

Previous customers convert
5X higher

Monitor your customers, product users, and past opportunities
job changes to turn their company changes into new opportunities.

Be the first to know: Past relationship + New jobs = Warm Deals

Capture job changes at scale in your CRM and auto-enroll leads in relevant sequences and ADS audiences.

Detect New Executive hires joining target accounts.

Track champions job changes
job changes
Generating Pipeline with lonescale Job change

New executives spend 70% of budget in the first 3 months

Identify and engage sales-ready companies that are the most likely to buy your product.

New execs are 3x more likely to convert in their first 90 days.

Multi-thread to engage the full buying committee and increase your win rates by 34%.

Identify expansion opportunities as former customers join target accounts and open opportunities.

Capture New Hires

Know when & who to engage

Detect upcoming leads projects fitting the problems you solve.

Find leads using the tool you're partnering with, integrating into, or competing against.

Trigger outbound and ABM campaigns when accounts display specific buying behaviors.

Discover highly qualified leads facing the problems you solve

Find out which companies are using the tools that you integrate
or compete with

Identify the contacts matching your personas

Discover Job Signals
hiring intent

Go live in 1 week

LoneScale integrates with your CRM, existing workflows, tools and process. 
Easy to go live, enable your team and boost your pipeline within 1 week.
Top-in-class verified data gathered in real-time from LinkedIn and public sources.

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Why leading GTM teams trust LoneScale

Best signals for outbound
"With LoneScale, you're always well-informed about job changes in targeted accounts. Alerts empower your sales team to swiftly adapt outreach strategies and engage with messages that resonate"
Romeo - Sales Ops
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In 6 months
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