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Find must-have customers data in minutes with all the granularity you need.
Focus on your value: closing deals instead of time-consuming tasks.

Trusted by many professionals from two-person team to 1 000+


All-in-one customer insights data solution

Drive results with enriched accounts & contacts data with buying intents from LoneScale's workflows

Instant extract of accurate, enriched and fresh B2B data

Fill in the blank in your CRM in minutes

Get qualified leads matching your Ideal Customer Profile

Score MQL and SQL to optimize your pipeline

Discover LoneScale

Grow your business with a no-code B2B data tool

Increase of Sales teams performance
Decrease in the time it takes to get key data

Uncover opportunities thanks to B2B data workflows

Convert your most valuable customers with 80+ B2B attributes and personalize every interaction.

Pinpoint qualified prospects in minutes

Update your CRM with real-time data workflows

Engage your prospects knowing their needs

Connect LoneScale with your favorite tools

Not an outdated database, data are fetched by you for you

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Integrations with your favorite CRM

Hook up your toolz with LoneScale and sync your customers' data in seconds.


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