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Convert 2x more leads into deals, in 2 clicks.
Discover new leads with sales intents and automate your outreach.

Trusted by many professionals from two-person team to 1 000+


Discover leads who need to discover you

LoneScale offers you the best way to reach your future customers thanks to sales trigger events, through job offers.
Get access to must-have leads’ data in minutes, with all the granularity you need:

Discover the most qualified leads, willing to purchase

Engage them knowing their tech tools, industries and job listings

Reach the decision-makers in your first hit

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Deals conversion
    False data

Keep in touch with your CRM sweethearts

LoneScale allows you to keep track of your contacts evolution and address them in the best way.
Get access to web-connected data and never be late on the latest updates:

Directly know who the decision-makers are and who to reach out

Readdress former happy customers in their new companies

Stop the growth of stale data upstream

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Integrations with your favorite CRM

Hook up your tools with LoneScale and sync your customers' data in seconds.


Get rich thanks to Accounts enrichment

LoneScale ranks among the most powerful enrichment tools on the market.
Get access to the most precious data for your accounts:

Get tech stacks and tools for outreach personalization

Find labels and industries for accurate segmentation

Watch job listing counts for sales trigger events

Discover Account Enrichment

Ready to find your next customers?

Get a personalized discovery and project yourself with new deals!

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