Drive bigger pipeline, increase revenue by tracking job changes and job posting intent data

Save time, hit your numbers,

focus on 


Automate outbound pipeline generation.
Turn leads into revenue with sales intent signals.

HELPING COMPANIES Customer-facing teams TO create & clore more pipeline

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Job Offers Intent Data

Identify new buyers with pain points to target and the right timing. Understand each potential buyer-specific situation.

Discover highly qualified leads facing the problems you solve

Find out which companies are using the tools that you integrate
or compete with

Identify the contacts matching your personas

Discover Job Openings Intent

Are you ready to scale up? We’re here to boost your numbers!

Pipeline increased
Meeting booked rate

Contacts Job Changes

Follow your customers when they get a new job.

Reconnect with your customers and users as soon as
they move to a new company

Get a competitive edge for your sales team
with 20% of people changing jobs every year

Stop the growth of stale data upstream

Track Job Changes

Integrate with your tools

Fuel enriched data to your existing workflow and tools so your team easily yields results.

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Accounts enrichment

Leverage data to find the companies most likely to buy your product with a whole new level of granularity.

Find out which companies are using the tools that you integrate with or compete with

Qualify your inbound leads and turn them into revenue

Retrieve domain names and LinkedIn URLs for companies

Discover Account Enrichment

Ready to hit your numbers?

Made for high-growth teams

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