Turn ready-to-buy companies into customers.

Capture the most valuable buyers based on sales insights and
convert 3x more discussions into deals.

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hiring intent

Sales Insights Detection

Identify warm accounts with pain points to engage them at the right time. Understand each buyer-specific situation.

Find new projects fitting the problems you solve

Find out which companies use the tool you're partnering, integrating, or competing with

Great for: prospecting & prioritizing accounts

Discover highly qualified leads facing the problems you solve

Find out which companies are using the tools that you integrate
or compete with

Identify the contacts matching your personas

Discover Hiring Intent

The fastest path to your revenue targets


meetings booked


pipeline generated


warmer opportunities

Boost pipeline & prevent churn

Monitor your customers, champions, and past opportunities job changes to turn their career move into new opportunities.
Detect new hire executives joining accounts.

Reconnect with your customers and users as soon as
they move to a new company

Get a competitive edge for your sales team
with 23% of people changing jobs every year

Great for: prospecting & scoring ABM accounts

Start Tracking Job Changes
job changes

Have you heard?


Past customers convert 3x
higher than other leads


of previous customer don't
come back on their own


of their budget is spent in the first
100 days by new executives

Fill your CRM gaps

Collect insights and missing contacts for existing accounts, instantly.
Identify and engage sales-ready companies that are the most likely to buy your product.

Capture missing key contacts to multi-thread to the buying committee

Qualify your inbound leads and turn them into revenue

Retrieve domain names and LinkedIn URLs for companies

Discover Account Enrichment

Go live in 1 day

LoneScale integrates with your CRM & routing process. Easy to get started and train your team.
Fuel ready-to-use data to your existing workflow and tools so your team easily yields results.

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