Power sales with LoneScale

Hit your numbers with buying intent

Discover qualified leads, reveal hidden pipeline and engage prospects with the right message at the right time

Focus on companies in a position to make deals


Focus on warm leads

With intent such as job change or leads facing the problems you solve, your prospecting goes from cold to relevant with LoneScale. Understand each potential buyer-specific situation and get a competitive edge by contacting them before your competitors.


Accelerate deals closing

Get reed of long talk frustrations: reach out to sales-ready leads, familiar with your product and interested in it. Accelerate your closing and transform more opportunities.


Stop wasting time on loose ends

Every year, 30% of your leads are not ready and 20% of your records change organization. LoneScale helps you prioritize your leads to focus on qualified deals and reduce your costs of lost poursuit.

All the context you need to increase sales

ROI in closed wons
outreach efficiency

thanks to buying intent, for example:

Detect qualified where pains are coaching and listening calls
Update Salesforce contact when a customer changes job
Fuel the pipeline with accounts whose HR team uses Excel for expense management

Top teams have adopted LoneScale

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LoneScale offers you the best way to source your buyers

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