Power sales with LoneScale

Hit your numbers thanks to intelligent data

Discover qualified leads in minutes, reveal hidden pipeline and engage prospects with the right message at the right time.

Reach warm contact at critical time. Identify the warmest paths into deals.


Focus on warm leads

No more sales qualifications on the discovery call. With buying intent, discover and reach prospects by knowing their needs. Engage your leads at the right time, not at random.


Fill in the blanks for always up-to-date records

Real-time data enrichment, powered by machine learning. Get up-to-date data — such as buying intents, technologies used, and job adverts — to your system on every account and contact that you care about to drive conversion, revenue, and wins at scale.


Instant contacts and accounts data enrichment

From the moment a new record is created, get the data needed to score and route new leads, understand and prioritize the opportunities that matter. Create rich customer segments to drive actionable insights.

All the context you need to increase sales

+1 hours
saved per day to win your deals
sales efficiency

thanks to buying intents, for example:

Detect qualified leads matching our Ideal Customer Profile
Buying intents + Account Information
Enrich company information when I create a contact in my CRM
Account information + Technologies and tools
Synchronize in Hubspot the stack of technologies
Account information + Technologies and tools

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