Fuel pipeline with warm leads

Identify your most likely buyers

Increase conversion rates and revenue by going after the right leads, at the right time

Buyer timing + Pains to solve = qualified pipeline with a high likelihood of buying


Use job posting to find ICP warm leads

Automate warm lead sourcing with dozen of qualified prospects every month.
Engage your prospect at the right time with the key value proposition


Transform your outbound with unique selling points

Fuel pipeline with lead pains that your product solves. Give the sales team all context they need to win directly in your tools.


Use Intent opportunities in your pipeline

LoneScale integrates with your tools stack and workflow to automate revenue generation. Skyrocket your pipeline and data accuracy to reach buyers before your competitors.

Use Intent to boost your growth

Qualified leads
15x ROI
time saved by outbound teams

thanks to job offers, for example:

Find out the companies in the US using Salesforce and Gsuite
Fuel unique selling points to pipeline daily
Get organizations whose HR team uses Excel for expense management

Top teams have adopted LoneScale

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Ready to grow your pipeline?

LoneScale offers you the best way to source your buyers

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