Turn opportunities into revenue

Track as many buying intent as you want, and only pay for results

Score and segment your leads
Convert MQL into SQL at scale
Detect buying intents
Auto enrich incoming and existing lead
Monitor your key accounts with signals
Get weekly alert of new opportunities
Detect signals to fuel your ABM strategy
Connect with your target audience
Integration with webhook and your CRM
Powering companies like
Powering companies like
Fill in the blanks
Tailored accounts data enrichment
Detect customer opportunities
Get contacts data enrichment
Qualify prospects with buying intents
Connect your CRM to the web
Score and route leads accurately
Fill in the blanks for always up-to-date records
Update your customers' data in real-time
Link decision-maker to target accounts
Integrate with webhook and CRM
Powering companies like
Scroll horizontally
Drive results for your ABM strategy with signals
Get qualified prospects with buying intents
Prioritize your cold-prospection
Buying intent detection
Link decision-maker to target accounts
Focus on the leads that matter most
Detect sales opportunities matching ICP
Score, route and segment your leads
Prioritize your leads by ICP
Detect data updates and synchronize to your CRM
Increase results with hyper-personalization
Auto enrich every incoming and existing lead
Connect your CRM to the web with LoneScale's workflows
Fill in the blanks for always up-to-date customers' data
Set your workflows on autopilot following your timeline
Accounts data enrichment
Accounts stack of tools
Accounts stack of technologies
Accounts job offers
Accounts legal information
Buying intents
Contacts data enrichment
Up-to-date data
GDPR compliant data
One to one onboarding
Email and Intercom Support
Dedicated CSM

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing work?
Our plans are based on volume and workflows you make. They start from 100$ per month. We tailor our plans to best fit your needs and volume, so please contact us for a custom quote.
What are enriched data?
We fetch complete datasets GDPR compliant from multiple sources about Contacts and Accounts. LoneScale platform makes data matching and reconciliation. For example, contacts information, account details, company's legal information, account's technologies and tools used, account's job offers, etc.
Deduplication of customer data: why should I choose LoneScale?
We're going further than first name and last name inversion. We find hidden duplicates with our unique technology of pre-enrichment before tagging duplicates. Be able to spot duplicates that most tools can't see!
Are taxes included in the pricing?
All our pricing are without taxes.
How does invoicing work?
By credit card via Stripe. You automatically receive your invoices every month or every year, depending on your plan.
How to use LoneScale?
We want you to make the best use of LoneScale. That’s why we offer you one-to-one onboarding.
How does LoneScale handle support?
Please contact us by chat, we are happy to help. Our team is available to listen your feedback and improve LoneScale for you.

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