Why companies choose LoneScale
over Sales Navigator

Automating the job changes intent requires a few steps further.
Sales Navigator' trigger is ideal for one person but isn't scalable for a team.

Don't miss hot leads by automating and integration with your existing process and workflows
Score your new contacts position to spend time on qualified leads
Track all your users, leads, buyers, contacts, etc

LoneScale Vs LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Track contacts for job changes
Sales Navigator
Provide their new position and company
Enterprise only
Track all your contacts and product users
Sync with Salesforce, Hubspot, Product back-end or API
Flag position change
Automatically create new activity
Notify Sales reps and Customer Care
Provide company data enrichment
CRM and sales tools integration
Jobs buying intent
Filter leads matching your ICP
Unlimited seats

Choose personalization and automation
to turn opportunities into revenue.

Ready to hit numbers?

LoneScale offers you the best way to source your buyers

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