Update and enrich your CRM with LoneScale

Hit your numbers with data

Grow your pipeline and get earlier into deals

Empower your teams to perform efficiently and effectively


Fill in the blanks for always complete and up-to-date records

Use 80+ datapoints to get real-time high-value contact and account data such as buying intents, job adverts, position change, tools or technologies used in your CRM. LoneScale automatically refreshes all of your records following your timeline.


Create, complete, and correct your records

Real-time enrichment feeds your CRM, automations, and tools with up-to-date and reliable data (as purchase intent signals). Improve lead discovery, routing and scoring, optimize segmentation. Convert your best opportunities with the right action at the right time.


Put data to work, wherever you work

Built with powerful APIs and webhooks, LoneScale seamlessly integrates with your tools to deliver the data you need where you need it. Stop wasting time on manual data entry, align your teams, and make data-backed decisions standard.

Leverage your B2B data

time saved by sales and marketing teams

thanks to our workflows, for example:

Enrich Salesforce's accounts with buying intents, tools and tech stack
Tools + Technologies
Update all contacts in Hubspot every month
Deduplicate + Enrich contacts & accounts
Tag in my CRM contacts whose job changed
Update contacts

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