LoneScale for recruiter

Hit your numbers with up-to-date data

LoneScale helps your team to discover opportunities.
Reduce the time to place candidates and find customers with specific needs.

Reconnect with former customers
with job listing's tracking


Instant discovery of your customers' opportunities

Find prospects who already know your value and reduce your deals signing timesLoneScale leverages data to find the companies from your current and past customers' portfolio most likely to hire your candidates.


Get sales trigger events from job adverts

Engage your leads at the right time, not at random.Stay ahead of the market and discover every potential hiring company to find out who needs your talents.


Fill in the blanks for always up-to-date enriched records

Real-time data enrichment, powered by machine learning.
Get up-to-date data — such as job adverts, buying intents, and technologies used — to your system on every account and contact that you care about to drive insights, conversion, and wins at scale.

All the opportunities you need to help your talents

time saved

thanks to buying intents, for example:

Notify me of job offers in Sales from Software companies in the USA
Job adverts + Account information
Alert me daily for each new job advert posted by one of my customers
Customer information + Job adverts
Find each accounts looking for Data Engineer from Retail in England
Job offers + ICP + Location

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