Identify your next buyers

Past customers, users, buyers, & prospects are 3x more likely to buy than average leads.
Reach out when they change jobs to create and close deals.

STEP 1: Track job changes

20% of your customers, users and buyers change jobs each year

Receive hundreds of warm leads from day one

Get a competitive edge with 20% of people changing jobs every year

Previous customers are 3X more likely to buy again

Track Job Changes

Are you ready to unlock a new revenue channel?

Average ROI

Step2: Find Missing Contacts Information

LoneScale finds missing JobTitle, CompanyName and Social Network URL

Clean up stale data upstream to reduce bounce rate

Detect duplicate contacts in minutes

Only verified data

Find LinkedIn Information

STEP3: Outreach previous customers at scale

LoneScale automates sales intent sourcing, data enrichment, and routing:

Ingests and enriches data from your CRM, Files & Database

Alert reps and auto-route leads to outreach based your criteria

LinkedIn URLs finder for contacts

Help your teams hit their revenue numbers with secured and compliant data

LoneScale offers you the best way to source your buyers

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