Usergems alternatives to track job changes?

Tracking signals is an everyday job, not twice in a quarter. Lonescale empowers GTM teams in turning real-time insights into revenue.
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anthony gitguardian
Anthony C.
Senior Growth Manager
Database from other tools (like UserGems) tend to lack momentum.
"Lonescale enables me to easily enhance job changes & new hires signals in our CRM. We're confident that they are the best at what they do. Plus, our sales team is always very pleased to receive this type of intens. And it's priceless!"

With UserGems, you're losing the momentum and missing opportunities...

Your champions already change jobs. LoneScale spotted it, UserGems didn't.
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Based on actual customer’s data comparison out of 100 000 contacts

UserGems vs Lonescale

Features available
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Track CRM Contacts
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Unlimited Contacts Tracked
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Capture New Hires and new decision-makers
with Add-on
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Source decision-makers within targeted accounts
with Add-on
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Data Coverage
+10% larger
Data Fetching
Every month
US & EU Quality Data
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Track Add-Hoc list from CRM
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Capture Job Postings Intent Data
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Detect Competitor Used
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CRMs native integrations and API
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1:1 Onboarding
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Dedicated Customer Success
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If you have 10,000 champions,
2,800 already changed their jobs
And another 2,800 will change over the next 12 months.

That’s a lot of manual work for your reps!
And leaving that to your reps' discretion means
+85% of job changes are missed.
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Everything UseGems does, and more.

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Real-time data and insights, higher performance.

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+9% data coverage.

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More customization, capabilities, and use cases covered.

"Love how LoneScale delivers job change intents effortlessly in Salesforce. Hep use refine our scoring and fuel outbound strategies. Super seamless and effective!"
G2 a
Achkan - Head of Growth
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are LoneScale job changes data errorless compared to UserGems?

LoneScale provides real-time data from the web, while UserGems relies on databases.

Why does LoneScale platform help revenue teams in generating more revenue?

Unlike UserGems, LoneScale enables tracking companies in your total addressable market using competitors or partners solutions as well as hiring your buyer persona, additionally to job changes.identifying more market signals and unique selling points

Why does the LoneScale platform offer better data coverage?

LoneScale is able to find contacts from low quality data as an email or a first name associated with a company name. Our unique proprietary technology helps us validate and find more contact than our competitor.
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