UserGems alternative to track
contacts' job changes?

Stop paying exorbitant fees for tracking buyers' job movements.
Go further automating the intent sourcing to win more revenue.

Get accurate job changes and promotions that matter to you with accounts details
Integrate with your CRM and existing workflows
Unlimited contacts that you can track.
Unlimited user licenses.

LoneScale Vs UserGems

Features available
Average ROI (Return on Investment)
Refreshing frequency
1 day
40 days
Track customers, users, or prospects job changes
Detect job buying intent
Set your workflow on a platform
Instant data fetching
Automate lead generation
Adapt your workflow to each country
Tools stack finder
CRM and sales tools integration
1:1 Onboarding
Quality US & European data

Choose granularity, personalization and autonomy
to turn opportunities into revenue.

Ready to hit numbers?

LoneScale offers you the best way to source your buyers

FAQs UserGems VS LoneScale

Why LoneScale job changes are fresher than UserGems?
UserGems data come from their database, freshness depends on update frequency.
LoneScale data come in real-time from the web, we don't have a contacts database. Our intent data are as fresh as ice cream.
How detect hundred more of warm leads and unique selling points?
Use job postings and descriptions to detect warm leads looking for your value proposition. 
Job posts intent data are the only way to have an inside glimpse of a company without being part of.

LoneScale unlike UserGems helps you scale outbound with job offers triggers for your sales reps and fuel pipeline with warm leads.
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