August 30, 2022
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What’s a sales trigger event?

Learn how to detect signals of buying intentions in your leads’ activities.

There are plenty of methods and advices for upgrading your prospecting. But if you stay to the basics and master them, you only need one more selling tip: when to reach your leads out.

1. The event-based sourcing

a. There are more favorable times to reach a prospect out

If you have a batch of leads matching your criteria, you will be tented to immediately contact them. You’ll prepare your outbound campaign, set up your cold e-mail or cold calling pitch… everything will be smartly planned but you will miss the one thing that changes it all: You want to reach out to your leads when they are the most likely to buy your product.

b. You can get to know your prospect's pain and context

However, spotting the moment a lead is more favorable to buy from you is not that hard.

You should start by using job adverts to discover your target’s exact problem to solve and to highlight your value proposition.

c. You can get your deal conversions time a lot shorter

Why force yourself to rely on temporality instead of just taking your chances?

Once you will start using the information that qualifies your prospects and addressing them at the most favorable time, your numbers will blow up! Your efficiency gain will be huge and your deal closing timeline will be significantly reduced.

Event-based selling

2. The events that can trigger sales

Actually, a lot of events can show you that a company is in a favorable momentum to buy your product or services:

a. The company hires new employees

As mentioned above, job adverts are a wonderful source of information about your target.       
A job offer from a company equals an existing problem, that they can not solve with their internal resources. So maybe you can directly help them or support their future employee.
On top of that, a job listing size can undercover an event happening. For instance: More than 15 open positions almost always correspond to fundraising.

b. The company closes a round of fundraising

Fundraising is indeed a huge sign of a sales trigger event for a company.
Following the acquisition of a new budget, they will have to achieve new goals in a due time. So they will hire new employees and face new pains.
If you pay attention to their press release, you’ll see that they often communicate the goals they want to achieve with it.

c. Champions changes company

Champions are the people who use your product for its original purpose, love it, and represent low maintenance in customer management. If they change jobs, you should be aware. They represent easy re-sell and evangelization in their future positions.
To do so, you can use the “contact tracking” method.  

🔗 https://www.lonescale.com/articles/what-is-contact-tracking-and-why-your-business-needs-it

d. The company organizes an event

Events can be sales triggering if they correspond to basic criteria.
For instance, the first thing to spot: Do they promote something? (related to an actuality that concerns you).
If yes: Do they need you to organize it or do they invite your target audience? Do you want to sponsor/collaborate?

e. Your own sales trigger list

Within times, your will be able to recognize the events that reveal buying intents for your business. It can be a company closing a new partnership, integrating a new tool, a prospect posting about a challenge, etc.

Deal signed

3. How to detect those events

a. Job offers

At LoneScale, we think that job offers are the richest sources of buying intents. You can find more precisions in our article below.
🔗 www.lonescale.com/articles/leads-pain-your-business-reason-to-be-and-your-way-to-scale

b. Ecosystem news

If you are in charge of lead sourcing and/or sales, it is capital for you to stay aware of your target’s ecosystem activities.        

There are many information sources that you can follow: Press, Blogs, Crunchbase, etc
Social media are basic when it comes to actualities: Follow your top targets to know their actualities.

You can also create alerts to follow hashtags, trends, and events.

c. Tools adoption

Knowing the tech tools stack that your target is using can be decisive in your approach.

Find them through their actuality and job offers.
🔗 https://help-center.lonescale.com/en/articles/6383181-how-to-generate-leads-knowing-their-tools-stacks-with-lonescale

Follow the world's news

4. How to use those events in your prospecting

a. Qualification

To facilitate and speed up your sales process, you have only to address the leads matching your criteria (defined in advance with your sales strategy: persona, ICP, etc).
And to know which will benefit from your solution in the upcoming months: the ones that are facing a pain that you want to relieve.

b. Leads segmentation

As mentioned before, you have to be sure that your target will make truly benefit from your product. You can use sales trigger events to segment your lists, prioritize them and create different kinds of outbound campaigns (with ultra personalization).
🔗 https://www.lonescale.com/articles/how-to-fuel-sdr-bdr-teams-with-highly-qualified-leads

c. Outbound personalization

The important here is to insert as much as variables that you can for your recipient to feel like you really care about his history and pains.

Step 1: Lead generation with LoneScale

🔗 https://help-center.lonescale.com/en/articles/5972386-create-a-workflow

Step 2: Integrate your leads in your CRM

🔗 https://help-center.lonescale.com/en/articles/6436700-push-the-results-of-your-workflows-in-your-crm

Step 3: Reach your leads out with a personalized cold e-mailing campaign

🔗 https://help-center.lonescale.com/en/articles/6405210-playbook-highly-qualified-leads-from-job-offers

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