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Hit your numbers with Sales Intelligence tools

Learn how to use Sales Intelligence Tools to collect B2B data and fuel your Sales reps and Marketing teams
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Let's start with the beginning, what is a Sales Intelligence tool? It’s an automation tool that will collect B2B data and feed your Sales teams and Marketing teams in real-time with it. This B2B data can take many forms and be used in many different ways. But the final goal is always the same: to increase your sales and revenues.

By feeding your Marketing and Sales teams with relevant B2B data, they can focus on their priorities and hit the company's business goals. A Sales Intelligence tool gives them the keys to reach those goals and make the best choices about prospects in the sales cycle.

A good Sales Intelligence tool will help you know which leads to prioritize and improve your sales process. Which lead is a hot lead and when they are ready to buy your product or service? It will give you contact information and company information to personalize your approach and follow-up.

What kind of data will provide Sales Intelligence tool?

A Sales Intelligence software will scrape the web to feed you with company and contact information. The goal is to make automation: link this tool with your CRM (like Salesforce or Hubspot) to feed your Marketing & Sales teams continuously. In this way, your teams will save themselves to search for the information, a very time-consuming task.

The type of data provided will depend on the sales intelligence solution you choose. For example:

  • Zoominfo is a databased specializing in company information and contacts details
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the most up-to-date source focused on contact information and company information
  • Bombora gives Sales Data by measuring prospects’ digital journey across websites
  • Albacross helps you turn anonymous website traffic into leads
  • Clearbit and Apollo can give you data on contacts and companies
  • LoneScale helps you to automate leadgen with sales trigger events alias intent data such as tracking job changes and hiring intent

B2B Contact Data but especially Decision-Makers to trigger targeted actions

With LoneScale you can make an enrichment of your contact. For example, track and enrich a list of customers in your CRM. Thanks to the CRM integration this customer data will be automatically updated in your CRM. This a good point for your Marketing and Sales Teams and also for your Customer Relationship Management.

LoneScale can also feed your teams with new leads. Each lead can have a decision-maker and all the contact information needed:

  • Full name
  • Linkedin URL
  • Job title
  • Company information (basic info like industry and employee ranges, but also high-quality inputs like tech stack or labels)
  • ...

Good to know: to be GDPR compliant, LoneScale doesn’t give phone numbers.

B2B sales Company Data to personalize your touchpoints

LoneScale runs with workflows that will search for leads according to your criteria. We also make an enrichment of the companies. Thanks to CRM integration, you can retrieve high-quality company data in real-time in your CRM. For example:

  • Industry
  • Legal information such as legal code and description, founded year, or address
  • Employee ranges and count
  • Company website
  • Linkedin URL and ID
  • Tech stack and tools used by the companies
  • Labels
  • ...

Feeds your teams with new leads

You can use LoneScale as a prospecting tool to find qualified leads and improve your sales prospecting!

With a Lead Generation workflow, LoneScale will fetch sales opportunities from job offers according to your ideal customer profile. You have high-quality company data (like tech stack and tools) and decision-makers for each new lead and target account.

Thanks to the B2B data provided, you can make a lead scoring for your Sales Reps according to your priorities.

Sales intelligence tools like LoneScale will help you change your sales process. To close deals, rather than doing mass, the goal is to address a prospect when he is most likely to buy your product or service. So: have new opportunities via events.

The event-based sourcing with a Sales Intelligence Platform

If you have a batch of leads matching your criteria, you will be tented to contact them immediately. You’ll prepare your outbound campaign, and set up your cold e-mail or cold-calling pitch… everything will be smartly planned but you will miss the one thing that changes it all: You want to reach out to your qualified leads when they are the most likely to buy your product. It’s possible thanks to intent data!

Once your Sales Leaders will start using intent data to address prospects at the most favorable time, your numbers will blow up!

Event-based selling thanks to Sales Intelligence Data

Actually, a lot of events can show you that a company is in a favorable momentum to buy your product or services. A Sales Intelligence Platform can provide you with these data points in real-time in your CRM. Some examples below.

Company hiring new employees

Job opportunities are a wonderful source of information for your Sales Team about your target accounts.      
A job offer from a company equals an existing problem, that they can not solve with their internal resources. So maybe you can directly help them or support their future employee.
On top of that, a job listing size can undercover an event happening. For instance: More than 15 open positions almost always correspond to fundraising.

Champions changes company

Champions are the people who use your product for its original purpose, love it, and represent low maintenance in Customer Relationship Management. If they change jobs, you should be aware. They represent easy re-sell and evangelization in their future positions.

To do this you can track job changes because it’s not easy to spot them just with Linkedin.

The company closes a round of fundraising

Fundraising is a massive sign of a sales trigger event for a company.

Your own sales trigger list

Within time, your will be able to recognize the events that reveal intent signals for your business. It can be a company closing a new partnership, integrating a new tool, a prospect posting about a challenge, etc.

A Sales Intelligence Tool will tell you when this event is happening. Thanks to a CRM integration, your Sales teams will receive the information directly in their work environment and can trigger actions in real-time. Your revenue team should be interested in this sales strategy.

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