Track contacts with LoneScale

Get the sales trigger events you need to identify deals

LoneScale provides you with up-to-date enriched customer data your team needs.
Detect sales trigger events to hit your ROI.

Identify the warmest paths into deals.
Get into deals earlier as that increases the likelihood of the conversion.


Detect sales trigger events

Thanks to powerful workflows, increase the likelihood of your conversations with your prospects and customers, knowing their needs. Empower your team with enriched data -- such as team growth, technologies, and jobs. Personalize outreach, score, and prioritize your highest value leads quickly and easily.


Stay alert of position changes

Find prospects who know your value and had a great experience with your product in the past.LoneScale automatically refreshes all of your records following your timeline, with signals such as a customer moving to a new company or position.


Keep working with your tools

Set integrations to synchronize data in your CRM or receive Slack notifications. Put them on autopilot with synchronization triggered by data updates.

All the context you need to increase turnover

sales opportunities
lead activation efficiency

thanks to buying intents, for example:

Auto-update every position change on contacts in Salesforce
Enrich contacts & accounts + Update
Enrich Hubspot's accounts with buying intents, tools and tech stack
Enrichment + Tools
Alert me if a customer change of company
Contact + Account

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