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LoneScale provides you with key customer updates your team needs. We alert you as soon as a new sales opportunity comes out.

Grow your pipeline and get earlier into deals discovered with our workflows


Define the profile and discover your buyers

LoneScale leverages data to find the companies most likely to buy your product. Find out each potential buyer to target the ones that will be the most receptive to your value proposition.


Kickstart your actions with intelligent data

Find out the data you need like tools, technologies, or last job posting to engage your prospect efficiently with the right value proposition.


Synchronize the data you need

Thanks to native integrations, you can synchronize in your CRM or export the data you need. Put them on autopilot with synchronization triggered by data updates.

Find qualified leads to boost your scale

additional sales opportunities
time saved by sales team

thanks to your Ideal Customer Profile, for example:

Find out the companies in the US using Salesforce and Gsuite
Location + Tools
Look for every company needing productivity software
Tools category + Ideal Customer Profile
Notify me if companies look for tools in Finance
Signals + Tools

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