March 22, 2023
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Outbound: Drive bigger pipeline, increase revenue with unique selling points from job postings

Customer-centric outbound and ultra-personalization are key to successful outbound.

That’s why our lead generation feature provides you with highly qualified prospects, with their pains and the context of it.

🔗 https://www.lonescale.com/articles/leads-scoring

You can find some ideas for how to use them in your outbound below 👇🏼

Cold e-mailing & direct messaging campaign

Day 1. Email - First reach

Subject A: {prospect’sCompany} <> {your company}

Subject B: How to {your value proposition}

Hi {firstName},

Congrats on {prospect’sCompany} growth!

I am {your presentation}. My motto: {your value proposition}.

I noticed that you are about to welcome a new {jobOfffer}. And one of his or her main tasks will be to {context from the job offer}.

Lately, {your company} has helped a lot of {prospetIndustry} **companies to {leadspains}.

You can check our last article bout it here.

Feel free to directly answer this email or to book a slot in my agenda.

Looking forward to reading from you,


Day 5. LinkedIn interaction (post or comment)

Day 10. Email - Reminder

Subject A: {firstName}, hit your numbers with {your company}

Subject B: Increase your **{leadsPain} while your new **{jobOffer} is settling

Good morning {firstName},

How is your search for candidates going?

If you wonder how to support your {jobOfffer} **team to **{leadspains}, I can help.

This week, we provided {socialProof}. {valueProposition}

Let’s organize a call! Are you available Tuesday at 4 p.m.?

Have a nice day,


Day 15. Phone call or voice message on LinkedIn

Day 22. Email - 2nd reminder

Subject A: {your company} will blow your {jobOffer} mind

Subject B: {firstName}, increase your  **{jobOffer} productivity by 25%

Hey {firstName},

I guess you’re being snowed under with this quarter's end.

Maybe I can help? As you know, my goal is to {valueProposition}.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Day 32. Email - Last reminder

Subject A: /

Subject B: New {jobOffer}: last call for the special offer

Hello {firstName},

Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from you since you posted the advert for a {jobOffer}.

Maybe you’re not the person in charge, whom do you recommend I reach out?

I'll leave you with a {leadmagnet}. Let me know if I can ever be of help to you.

Have a nice day,


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