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April 20, 2024

Playbook Outbound: New Executive Hires joined ICP Account

Contacts change jobs at a high rate. They spend 70 percent of their budget in their first 100 days. Use new exec joining target account to increase revenue, decrease your churn and hit your numbers.
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Contacts are changing jobs at a high rate. According to CNBC, about 34% of Americans changed jobs in 2024 (in the USA). All new executive and buyers joining a new company can represent your new customers! You need to integrate them into your outbound strategy.

You can discover why by reading our article “Tracking customer job changes is important for your business”.

Template of sequences to engage executive buyers joining a new company

  • For: Sales, SDR, BDR, Account Executive, Marketing, Growth
  • Recommended for: all industries, they recently started this new role
  • Campaign’s goal: recently joined your target account or account matching ICP.
  • Don't have previous relationships with your company
  • Can fuel ABM LinkedIn Ads

Day 1. - Email 1

Subject: Congrats {FirstName}

Hey {First_Name},

Congratulations on your new role as {Job_title} at {Company Name}!

As you settle into your new position, I imagine you're in the midst of familiarizing yourself with the current landscape, evaluating processes, and strategizing how to leave your mark.

I came across an article that might provide some valuable insights as you settle into your new role: {Insert article here}.

I'll touch base again in a few weeks to see if there are any areas where I can lend a hand {insert value proposition}.


Day 3. LinkedIn connection request

Day 7. Email 2 - Follow Up

Hello {First_Name}, what do you think about the article {ressourceName}?

I found {insert insightful aspect of article} interesting when thinking about the common challenges in your role.

Most of {Job Title} often {insert goals of job title based on company research} in their 90 first days. We at {Insert your company name} frequently see {problem your company solves}.

{Similar Customer Names} came to us with the same issue, and have seen {value proposition/results}.

Open to share strategies?

Day 14. Phone Call

Day 14. LinkedIn Message 1

Hi {FirstName}, just saw this article and thought of you [insert article]. Curious to hear your thoughts, what’s your take on it?

Day 21. Email 3 - Follow Up

Did you have a chance to check out the [insert article]?

I thought {insert part of article} could be relevant to {prospect_company_name} because [insert your research about the company's goals or this role].

How do you see it fitting into {prospect_company_name}'s strategy?

Day 21. Phone Call & VoiceMail

Day 28. LinkedIn Message 2

Not sure if you're facing the same issues that [insert common problems you help solve for similar persona]

[Problem]: Ex: The pressure is high to hit numbers despite the market. Doing more with less headcount is expected.

[Solution]: Ex: We saved 1 hour per rep every day.

Shall I send over {insert material items: playbooks, business case}?

Day 33. Email - Breakup

Subject: Did I push too hard, or maybe not enough?

Hello {First Name} - you're busy. Just trying to gauge your interest on [insert how your company delivers value] and if we can be of help.

Is now not the right time, or is there a lack of interest?

Lisa Surraco
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