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January 19, 2024

Playbook Outbound: Sell again to past customers

Contacts change jobs at a high rate. They are 3 time more likely to buy again. Use past customers to increase revenue, decrease your churn and hit your numbers.
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Your contacts (customers, end-users, buyers, prospects, etc) are changing jobs at a high rate. According to CNBC, about 31% of professionals changed jobs in 2021 (in the USA). All your customers who change companies can represent your new customers! You need to integrate them into your customer re-engagement strategy.

You can discover why by reading our article “Tracking customer job changes is important for your business”. In this article, we will talk about how you can upsell by re-engaging your past customers thanks to a re-engagement campaign.

There are a lot of actions you can do with your past customers in order to decrease your churn rate. Some examples:

  • Cold call by your Sales Team
  • Email Marketing
  • Email campaign -> we will focus on it on this playbook
  • ...

Be notified when your loyal customers change companies to convert them into new customers

A common statistic is that we have a 3x higher chance to sell to past users. Don't sell to past customers in their new company it's a huge revenue loss.‍ A loyal and convinced customer will always be your best ambassador. Even if he has a job change. It's not a past customer, it’s a new lead!

Actions, process implementation, and choice of tools are usually done in the first few months after a job change. So, it’s important to know when your customers change companies. In this way, you can contact them quickly with a personalized approach.

You need to be notified directly in your CRM when an existing customer changes company. Thanks to this Sales Intent you will be able to :

1. Shorter your customer lifecycle

Selling to someone who knows you, has already used your product, and is already convinced of its added value will always be easier and faster than selling to someone who does not know you. It’s a time saver for your Sales Team to contact these new leads.

Whatever your Sales Team contacts them by phone call or in-person meeting, it will save a lot of time in the conversion.

2. Measure and improve your customer lifecycle

Set up metrics to calculate the time you save by selling to past loyal customers instead of simple leads.

3. Reduce your customer churn rate and increase your retention

If your buyers move to a new company, his/her replacement can have a great experience with one of your competitors.

It's easy to detect when your users left but trickier with a buyer. If you don't reach the new buyer quickly and your renewal date is close, your customer churn risk is high.

Focus your marketing plan on your best past customers

In the first step, you will not be able to act on all the past customers. Your Digital Marketing Team probably already has a lot to do, so choose a small segment with a quick ROI before expanding your re-engagement strategy.

Your top of mind can be:

  • Focus on your best past customers (those who have high customer loyalty and have a good customer experience with your product or service)
  • Choose a tool that will update them directly in your CRM when they change company
  • Implement an automated re-engagement strategy as soon as these people change companies

Optimize your re-engagement strategy by marketing campaigns automation

In the first time no need to multiply the touchpoints (social media, Linkedin, phone call, ...). These loyal past customers know you and you can contact them through automatic re-engagement campaign. The 2 most important things are:

  • Personalize your email campaigns with customer data: show your new lead that you know and understand them
  • Timing: act quickly when you know a good past customer is changing company

Automation is a good way to be reactive on timing. For example, with LoneScale you can create a “Contact Tracking” workflow and update your CRM in real-time with customer data.  

Template for an example of an email campaign to re-engage customers who have changed companies

👉 Use case:

  • You have an email list of past customers who have moved to new organizations
  • you want to engage them in a re-engagement email campaign

👉 Tips:

  • Use relevant content and customer data to personalize your emails and improve your retention

➡️ Day 1. Email - Icebreaker

Subject A: First Name, I’m checking in
Subject B: Congratulations on your new position!

Hello First Name,

I just saw your company change. Congrats!

We miss working with you at Old company name, but we are sure you will accomplish great things at your new job.

Here’s a little gift to help in your first weeks: Link to something of value (playbook, guidelines, lead magnet, etc.).

Let me know what you think of it!

Looking forward to reading from you,


➡️ Day 8. Email - double-tap

Subject A: First Name, your experience at Old company name
Subject B: First Name, your needs at New company name

Good morning First Name,

How are you settling in?

As a previous (hopefully happy) customer and user of Your product name, do you think there's a potential fit again at New company name? We already support more than 20 Industry of the new company companies (as Example of a customer in the same sector) with the problem you are solving.

Have a nice day,


➡️ Day 16. Email - Bump

Subject A: New company name <> Your product name
Subject B: First Name, how is it going?

Hey First Name,

I guess you’re being snowed under with your integration.

Maybe can I help? As you know, my goal is to help you with Your added value.

Don’t hesitate to book a meeting here for me to help you make a good impression in your first days.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


➡️ Day 26. Email - Breakup

Subject A: Wishing you the best at New company name

Hello First Name,

Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from you since you changed company.

Maybe you’re not the person in charge, who do you recommend I reach out to?

I'll leave you with a Link to something of value (playbook, guidelines, lead magnet, etc.). Let me know if I can ever be of help to you.

Have a nice day,


Alexandre DEPRES
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