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January 19, 2024

Outbound: Drive bigger pipeline, increase revenue with unique selling points from job postings

Playbook to customer-centric outbound and ultra personalization.
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Customer-centric outbound and ultra-personalization are key to successful outbound.

That’s why our lead generation feature provides you with highly qualified prospects, with their pains and the context of it.


You can find some ideas for how to use them in your outbound below 👇🏼

Cold e-mailing & direct messaging campaign

Day 1. Email - First reach

Subject A: {prospect’sCompany} <> {your company}

Subject B: How to {your value proposition}

Hi {firstName},

Congrats on {prospect’sCompany} growth!

I am {your presentation}. My motto: {your value proposition}.

I noticed that you are about to welcome a new {jobOfffer}. And one of his or her main tasks will be to {context from the job offer}.

Lately, {your company} has helped a lot of {prospetIndustry} **companies to {leadspains}.

You can check our last article bout it here.

Feel free to directly answer this email or to book a slot in my agenda.

Looking forward to reading from you,


Day 5. LinkedIn interaction (post or comment)

Day 10. Email - Reminder

Subject A: {firstName}, hit your numbers with {your company}

Subject B: Increase your **{leadsPain} while your new **{jobOffer} is settling

Good morning {firstName},

How is your search for candidates going?

If you wonder how to support your {jobOfffer} **team to **{leadspains}, I can help.

This week, we provided {socialProof}. {valueProposition}

Let’s organize a call! Are you available Tuesday at 4 p.m.?

Have a nice day,


Day 15. Phone call or voice message on LinkedIn

Day 22. Email - 2nd reminder

Subject A: {your company} will blow your {jobOffer} mind

Subject B: {firstName}, increase your  **{jobOffer} productivity by 25%

Hey {firstName},

I guess you’re being snowed under with this quarter's end.

Maybe I can help? As you know, my goal is to {valueProposition}.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Day 32. Email - Last reminder

Subject A: /

Subject B: New {jobOffer}: last call for the special offer

Hello {firstName},

Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from you since you posted the advert for a {jobOffer}.

Maybe you’re not the person in charge, whom do you recommend I reach out?

I'll leave you with a {leadmagnet}. Let me know if I can ever be of help to you.

Have a nice day,


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